World class security and reliability, means you never have to worry about backups, upgrades, uptime, compliance or access to data.


Support your business across, resellers, customers and many stakeholders. Complex relationships are needed by your customers.


Not all organisations can commission an entire IoT platform. But we can and have. So you can focus on the core of your business.


IOTIQ can source, supply design and build any sensor arrangement you need. Or we can do the heavy lifting to find and procure the equipment, with a cost/quality mindset.


IOTIQ’s deep understanding of your customers use case leads to rapid deployment of services. We manage processes that ensure your customers needs are met.

The Rule Engine

Our powerful rule engine takes care of co-mingled data, calibration, firmware compliance, power management and smart logic based alerting.

Alert dashboard

Our dashboards combine data with alert panels and exception lists with dashboards across entire fleets of assets and devices.

Traffic Light reporting

Priority state management allows you to focus on whats most important. Dig into the data, or just observe the current issues.

Message Integration

Combine message integration for low level alerts via email to mission critical events and SMS alerting.


Set up a Demo

We’ll take you through a full demo from the customer user, to the admin user. See how simple really is to create your technical capability.


Choose your Devices

We’ll help you to plan and select devices to your customers applications. Need video production? Need engineering advise? We can even have our team procure and onboard devices.


Get Started

We’ll design your data models and dashboards. Add simulated devices for demo purposes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can have your team and your customers up and running!

See just some of the Benefits of

For a better idea of the capabilities of, just schedule a Demo Appointment with one of our team.


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